For a long time, we’ve wanted PLA that has a true metallic shine to it without having to polish it.
Please welcome Esun Silk metal PLA.
This is a roll of Rainbow metal multicolour, which is just the most amazing metallic gradient effect we have ever seen.
You’ve got Gold, Copper, Silver, & a Nickel Green, all rolled into one shiny filament.
You have to see it to believe how amazing this new formulation of rainbow metal PLA is!

Its the closest we’ve ever come to a PLA that actually shines like a real metal without having any metal in it.
The shine also hides the print layer lines to a greater extent than other colours.
So parts look like they are made of metal & not 3d printed, this is the closest we have been to faux metal 3d prints.

And its Extremely affordable.
We hope our New Zealand makers love this new filament..
Please note that all multi-colour rainbow rolls are random, each is slightly unique.
So mild colour variation is bound to happen to what you see in the photo above.