Taulman Nylon 645 3D Printer Filament

Nylon 645 is an Industrial nylon developed by taulman3D specifically for 3D Printing with non-destructive evaluation capability.
Potential uses:
Gears – Med/Heavy load
Propeller blades
General Industrial needs
Large Flanges, Housings,  positioning
Wide Chemical resistance of petrol’s
Sand blasting

This 1Lb roll is approx 500g nylon filament

Taulman 3D Filaments are Made in USA & specialise in high strength & special purpose Nylon PA.
These Nylon filaments exhibit properties you expect from Engineering plastic resins.

Easy to 3d print on most 3d printers in the 260C range.
However, Sealed enclosures & 3d printers with active chamber heating are generally better at 3d printing nylon.