Cast Plate Nylon 95MPA 110C 3D Printer Filament

Please welcome the worlds strongest & highest temperature capable virgin Nylon 3D Filament to New Zealand.
Taulman PA Cast at 13,500PSI TEnsile Strength is much stronger than the previous world record holder, the 910 Alloy which has a 8100PSI rating.

Taulman 3D Filaments are Made in USA & specialise in high strength & special purpose Nylon PA.
These Nylon filaments exhibit properties you expect from Engineering plastic resins.

Extremely Rigid Nylon.
Continuous operating temperature ~ 110C
Extremely High Chemical Resistance

This Black colour can look like a very dark shade of Blue in certain conditions.

Suggest 3d printing with full metal hot end in the 300C range.
Sealed enclosures & 3d printers with active chamber heating are generally better at 3d printing nylon.
We suggest drying the filament in an oven at 70C for 4 hrs if you hear crackling & popping while printing.

Approx 0.5 Kg roll 1.75mm