Get yourself started with the 3 common 3d printing materials, PLA, ABS, & PETG!

PLA is what 90% of 3d printers start with & is the ideal 3d printing material in every way. Super easy to 3d print as there is no warping or shrinkage. Made from Non-toxic corn starch, compostable & bio-degradable, ok for Food contact too.

When you need slightly higher temperature capability & greater flexibility that PLA whilst still being ok for Food Contact, say hello to PET. PET is your classic coca cola bottle material. Relatively easy to work with, & has a beautiful shiny surface wall when 3d printed.

ABS is the most affordable ‘engineering’ plastic used in the industry. Has its challenges, but a true & tested material that is commonly sought after & the distant second most used 3d printer material in the world, well behind PLA though.

Please specify Filament Diameter & Filament colours for your rolls in the notes section.
If you don’t specify filament diameter, we will assume 1.75mm as that is most common.
And we will send a random selection of colours for both rolls.
Some colours are only available in PLA & some are only in PLA+ (eg Translucent, Clear, Silver) – we will accordingly send what you order.
Please note this will be 1 roll ABS & 1 roll PLA & 1 roll of PETg.