Wood PLA 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 0.5Kg

Wood PLA 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 0.5Kg

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Affordable Premium Wood Fill 3D Printer Filament in NZ

We believe our 3D Printer Filament is the best value Wood filled material on the market. This is a 0.5 kg roll.

This is not just ‘wood colour’ – the material actually has additives in it that can even bond to traditional wood glues.
It has over 20% of real MDF fibres to give a true wood like texture & effect.

It has a slightly grainy texture as you would expect from wood, contrary to some wood filaments which look quite tacky & plastic like in their feel.
It can sanded just like mdf sheets, & can even be coated with a layer of Polyurethane just like real wood!

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3D Printing Wood is a lot of fun.

By adjusting the temperature you can slightly vary the shade of the wood, which can be used to create a faux grain effect with some experimentation.

The wood is blended with standard PLA & is thus easier to print out of any 3D Printer without modifications.
You can use similar settings as normal PLA for a start.

It is advisable to print slightly slower & thicker with the material as the fibres are an additive & can cause the nozzle to choke for long prints on finer settings.

It is highly recommended that if you have a thicker diameter nozzles (0.6mm or similar instead of the standard 0.4mm nozzles) please use those.

Start off by 3d printing with wood at 0.25mm (250 micron) layer height with 230 deg extruder at 40mm/s (2400mm/m) speed.

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