Einscan SP 3D Scanner – Latest version in NZ

$3,149.00 +gst

Einscan SP is the next step up from the Einscan SE 3D Scanner.
High speed & high quality Professional grade 3D Scanning made more accessible.

Professional Grade model aimed at Engineering, CGI, VR
Ideal for Reverse Engineering parts & Product Design

Can 3D Scan a vast range of objects from small to large
Includes the Turntable & very easy USB setup.
White Light Scanning Technology Ideal for Beginners & Professionals alike.

Great for Designers & Businesses who want to scan complex objects & work with lots of 3d scan data.
3D Models can be exported easily into .stl for 3D Printing, or ready to use in your CAD program.

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Single Shot Accuracy ≤0.01mm
Scan Modes Feature, Markers, Auto & Manual
Min. Scan Volume 30 x 30 x 30mm
Range of Single Capture 200 x 150mm
Scan Speed approx 4 sec – 1 min
Point Distance 0.17 – 0.2mm
Texture Yes
File Format OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY
Camera Resolution 1.3 Mega Pixels
Light Source White Lights
Stand-off Distance 290 ~ 480mm
Computer Requirements 1 ×USB 2.0  (3.0 pref) – Win7, Win8, Win10 (64 bit), Dual-core i5 or higher, Ram >8 GB pref
Weight (unpacked) 2.5kg
Weight (packed) 4.9kg
Dimension 570 x 210 x 210mm
Power Supply 50W
Input Voltage DC: 12V, 3.33A
Calibration Board HD
Turntable With Coded Markers
Load Capacity of Turntable 5kg