Matter & Form MAF Three 3D Scanner – Scan All Sizes Accurately

Matter & Form MAF Three 3D Scanner – Scan All Sizes Accurately

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Matter And Form MAF 3 latest 3D Scanner launched

We are proud to present the Matter & Form THREEE 3D Scanner to New Zealand.
This scanner is so revolutionary, that it has replaced every other 3d scanner we offer.

Here is why the MAF3 is ground breaking 3d scanner:

Variable Focus lenses allow for you to precisely set capture distance, allowing this scanner to capture everything from a Coin to a Car with ease. No other single device in the 3d scanning market is able to do this.

You can Control your Accuracy, Resolution & Working Distance based on your requirements.

Accuracy Resolution Working Distance
Distance Z Accuracy Resolution
220 mm 33 37
400 mm 150 65
700 mm 400 114

Works with any device that has a browser.
No need to buy a laptop that costs more than your scanner.

Connect it to a turntable if you want to. Or use it off a tripod.
You can even hold it with your hand if you wanted to.

This is the next evolution of 3D scanning & the industry has been waiting a long time for something as simple as this.

Available on backorder


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