About the Owner

Zubbin Navroji has a varied background spanning Software Development, 3D Modelling for Product Design, & 3D Printing.

Customers looked up to Zubbin not just for 3D Printing their parts, but advice on how make items more 3D Printable so that they can be easily prototyped using 3D Printing Technology. Today, we caall this DFAM (Designfor Additive Manufacturing).
Zubbin provided consultation on the use of 3D Printers to improve their Product Innovation Life Cycle.

Many clients started asking Zubbin the same question – What 3D Printer should they buy & if there was a reliable source who could SUPPORT them.
Zubbin noticed that there were people selling machines, but lacked any first hand knowledge of the subject.
All they would do was import machiens from ovverseas & sell it, but had no clue how to resolve any technical issues or hel get the printer running properly for the customer.

Having a good deal of Experience working with 3D Printers, Zubbin decided to start selling 3D Printers he had carefully handpicked.
He offered Training Sessions to customers, often to entire teams at client sites, to bring the company on board the 3D Printing Revolution smoothly.

He has always had a Keen interest in Facilitating New Zealanders getting Access to Advanced Technologies without the high price barriers.
His motto is that if USA, UK, & EU customers can acquire items, we owe it to Kiwis to make the same thing as accessible as possible.

His company was the First to launch ‘Low-Cost’ SLA liquid based 3D Printers to the New Zealand market with a wide range of SLA Resins.
He brought in the first range of Specialty & Functional 3D Printer Composite filaments into the NZ market.
Zubbin was also the First to SLASH Plastic Filament prices down in New Zealand to the $25 mark – making Plastic Filament accessible to New Zealanders at similar prices as international standards for the same brands.

Zubbin had several negative experiences as a customer, & decided to start business because Kiwis deserved better service RIGHT HERE without emailing overseas or just reading online forums.

The Most important thing that sets Zubbin apart is the old-fashioned attitude that Integrity is MORE IMPORTANT than Profit.
His company cares about clients like a small business would – where honest service is paramount.

Thanks to these values, what started as a small Kiwi business, succeeded to become a sought after one stop 3D Printing Shop that is well known all over New Zealand & Australia.

Today, 3D Printing Services & 3D Printer Store have the Privilege of working with some of the Brightest People & Largest Companies in New Zealand & are growing in the Australia too.
And we can’t Thank EVERYONE enough for your support.

Why 3D Printing Services

One Stop Shop for Everything 3D Printing in New Zealand

3D Print Service using SLS laser, SLA resin & FDM extrusion

Buy the best 3D Printer for you & Top Quality Plastic Filament for it

We can advise you on whether to buy a 3D Printer, or use our 3D Print Service – since we do both

Ideas around 3D Driven Rapid Product Design & how to maximise it

Go to market service for your product ideas – Consultation on how to make a product from an idea.

3D Printer Training & general 3D Printing questions

What makes our service unique to other 3D Printer places?

  • You can Phone & Talk to a Real Person as we are 3D Printing & Product design experts based in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Free inspection & heads up on issues your part may have, before we print it.
  • Our customers love working with us, please see our Service Reviews.
  • Leverage our expertise gained from making hundreds of items.
  • Dont wait in queues for weeks for your 3D prints to be made.
  • No need to pay high shipping costs or wait longer for parts to be shipped from overseas.

As Experienced Product Designers who have worked with so many different industries & businesses for all sorts of applications, we know first hand that Rapid prototyping & design has its own set of challenges.
So here at 3D Printing Services, our objective is to reduce the stresses you need to deal with & make your product development experience as smooth as possible.

Our experience means we will often spot a possible prototyping issue before the 3d print is even made, saving you time & money without making the same mistakes we have seen in the past.
So you can just alter your design & print the newer revision.

This inspection & brief check up is a free service without extra costs!

Our customers love working with us!

Please see some of our 3D Printing Service reviews here

Also check out our Reviews page on the website here

3D Print Service – What we can do:

We offer multiple 3D Print technologies & processes on different 3D printers :
  • FDM extrusion 3D printers
  • SLS Laser 3d printing
  • SLA 3d prints
  • MultiJet ( Stratasys objet / 3D Systems polyjet ) MJP 3d print

If you have a 3D CAD model, you can send it over & we will offer free assessment & recommend a technology best suited to your needs & budget.
If you need assistance making a model, we are happy to help.

Please have a look at our 3D Printing Services page for more details.

3D Modelling & CAD design

If you need assistance making a model, we are happy to help.

3D Scanning services:

If you have a part that is too difficult to design, or something you want to replicate, you can have it 3D Scanned to make a 3D cad model which can then be modified, & 3d printed.

Please have a look at our 3D Scanning Services page for details.

Jewellery Casting Resins:

We want to make unique custom made items more accessible to everyone through 3D printing technology.
Custom made jewelry for engagement rings & wedding bands are possible, & very affordable.

Please look at our Custom Made Jewellery page for more.

Design Your Product From Scratch & Launch it:

If you have always had an idea for a product you wanted to launch in the market but not necessarily the skills to turn those ideas into physical objects or were unsure how to start, we offer a single point product development & go to market service that encompasses Model Design, Prototyping, help with Production, Website Creation & Hosting, Product Photography/Video, Promoting your Web site using SEO, Google & Facebook, & help you launch it to market, potentially even using Crowd-funding options like KickStarter.

Earlier, you would need to contact multiple companies & posses large budgets to pull this off, but we want to change this.
If you have a always wanted to launch that dream product but were unsure on how to start, please Contact Us for a no-obligation confidential discussion.

3D Printer Sales & Training:

If you are interested in buying a 3D printer, please have a look at what we offer.
Our printers are priced very competitively & are better than many printers that cost more.

You may wonder how to pick a 3d printer, what really matters, is it all about ‘resolution’ & ‘layer height’..?

Please phone us & we will give you honest advice on the major brands / models & their benefits.

If you want to buy a 3D Printer but are unsure how to start using it, we can assist.
If you already have a printer but want to learn how to make the most of it, we can offer training to you for your needs.

For Anything 3D, please contact 3D Printing Services from our Contact Page.

Thank you.