Custom Made Jewellery – as unique as you

We all wish our wedding day to be memorable & a reflection of our individuality.

The same level of detail & creative uniqueness can be put into custom designed jewelry such as Engagement rings & Wedding bands.

Custom made designs need not break the bank.

We want to make unique individually handcrafted items more accessible to everyone through 3D printing technology.

Custom made jewelry especially Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands are now very affordable.

You may want a name embossed & etched (not just engraved).
Or you may want a ring where the entire circlular side is composed using the letters of the name of your loved one.

These options & more, are now possible, & very affordable.

With 3D technology, we want to make custom made items accessible to everyone, without the cost factor.

Custom making gives you full control over every aspect including the materials that you choose.

We get everything done in New Zealand, with top quality materials that we can rely on, & aware of what is actually in them.

You may be surprised to learn that the Jewelry industry has a huge markup, & getting your item custom made from us may cost you less than a stock standard item you would buy!

It is also not regulated, & with a large amount of overseas imports coming through, we have had first hand experience of poor practices such as under-karated jewelry, meaning you will pay for 22Kt & find the item to be only 20Kt.

We have also seen White Gold rings which are Yellow gold with just a layer of Rhodium plated on it. That is not real white gold!

In many cases, if we were to make a items similar to what is widely available, we are still cheaper than the shops, with quality you can trust.