Power Interruption Circuit board for Creatbot desktop series D & F series 3d printers including DM , DX / DX Plus & DE / DE Plus 3D, F160 / F160 PEEK & F430 PEEK 3D Printer Printers.
For D600 PRO series, PEEK 300 & F1000 series, please contact us for the appropriate part.

This circuit board detects if there is a power failure while your Creatbot 3d printer is printing.
Then when power resumes & the printer is started, the option to resume to resume the existing print is offered.
This circuit is not critical, & the printer can still continue to be used with the board’s white wire unplugged.

Locations where there are excessive power outages seem to cause this board to blow out more frequently than other places.
This is mainly because of spikes & voltage fluctuations in such locations.
If you experience the need to frequently replace these, we recommend connecting your printer through a spike protector.