Creatbot D600 PRO V2 HT 3D Printer with Free Training

Creatbot D600 PRO V2 HT 3D Printer with Free Training

$16,499.00 +gst

Big Parts – High Accuracy – Production Quality –  In ALL Filament Materials currently available

The Creatbot D600 Pro is a Commercial grade FDM 3D printer with Servo Controlled Stepper motors & closed loop feedback electronics, giving it the most precise head calibration of any similar sized large scale 3D Printer on the market.

It has become common to see low cost large size 3d printers on the market. Why would you buy this one?
Just doubling the size of every single part & giving you a large bed, doesnt lead to a successful print.
With cheaper printers you will see them advertise a size like 500x500mm, but when you actually try to print a part that size, your builds will consistently fail.
This is why real commercial grade 3d printers are designed to be able to produce what the spec sheet actually has on it.

Large 600mm x 600mm x 600mm actively convection heated build volume makes it possible to print large parts one piece with ease.

Suited to producing large yet highly accurate 3d models, the D600 has every professional grade feature you would expect.
Contact us today to see how our leading edge Creatbot D600 could give you the edge in product development & manufacturing.

Please see full specification details below.

Free training is offered with our Creatbot D600.
We will spend several hours with you to discuss any product specific requirements & help you get the best possible outcomes from these 3d printers.
We will also help you implement the 3d printer into your workflow, so you can rely on a team right here in Auckland.

We also offer Free Phone based support, not just email.
All spare parts are stocked right here in Auckland & sent same day in most cases with overnight courier.
So should you need a spare part, your 3d printer isn’t sitting there costing you money.
Its surprising how many 3d printer companies advertise machines but don’t stock parts for when you need them the most.

We are the New Zealand’s PREMIUM Creatbot 3D Printer Partner.
We are the only one in NZ to offer FREE TRAINING with all these advanced Creatbot 3D Printers so that you fully supported after buying the 3D Printer & not left alone after we have your money. There is no extra charge for this training service.
This is the committment we have put into the New Zealand 3D Printing Market – We want you to succeed with 3D Printing, & in your success is our success.

We aim to have the BEST PRICE & BEST SERVICE for Everything 3D Printing  in NZ.
On top of our Free Training, we still Aim to be UNBEATEN on Price.
So if you find the same product & a comparable service level anywhere in New Zealand, please get in touch with us & we will usually be able to beat the competition.


Key Features:

High Precision: 0.05mm
Layer height: 20 microns – 800 microns
Minimum XY feature: 200 microns
Build volume 600 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm
Fully Automatic Platform Levelling
Full Steel body
Actively Heated Chamber
Fully Enclosed with Filter System
Linear Guide rail for head Gantry system
Full Metal Hotend pack for PEEK ( PEI Ultem 9085 & 1010 ) support
Geared High Torque Extruder motors on Direct Drive Heads
Glass platform
Automatic Shut off after print completion
Power Outage Restoration (remembers last position when power shuts off & can continue printing when power resumes)
Filament Detection
Touch Screen User interface
Stand Alone operation via SDCard (USB also supported)

Technical Specifications:

Print Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling

Build Volume: 600*600*600mm

Number of Nozzles: 2

XY Resolution: 0.05mm
Layer Resolution: 0.05mm

Filament Diameter: 3.0mm (1.75mm optional)
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm (0.3, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0mm)

Filament Compatibility: PLA, ABS, Carbon Fiber, Wood, Nylon, Poly Carbonate, PETG, HIPS, PolyPropelene, Flexible TPU, PVA, etc.
Completely non-proprietary filament system that works with any brand of standard filament currently available for 3d printers.

Free Software included, Open Source Software, Simplify3d also supported.
Print File Type: GCO, GCODE

Max. Nozzle Temperature: 350°C
Max. Bed Temperature: 100°C

Max. Printing speed: 120mm/s
Max. traveling speed: 200mm/s

Dimensions approx: 91cm x 84cm x 108cm
Weight 125Kg

Kindly note these are delivered via sea in approx 5-6 weeks delivery time.
Express delivery in 2-3 weeks by Air Courier is available for an extra charge based on your location.
Certain access requirements may be required at delivery premises due to size of package being a 1 cubic metre pallet.
Please contact us for further details.