Creatbot F430 F160 3D Printer Standard 260C Temp Hot End

Creatbot F430 F160 3D Printer Standard 260C Temp Hot End

$79.00 +gst

Genuine Creatbot standard 260 degree rated hot end for F series 1.75mm 3d printers.
Will suit all Creatbot F 3D Printers we sell including Creatbot F160, F160 PEEK, F430 & F430 PEEK edition 3d printers.

This hot end is only for materials upto 260C. To print hotter, please use buy the High Temp Extruder hot end.
The advantage of the standard hot end is that it has a teflon liner inside which aids smooth flow of materials like PLA.
However this teflon can be worn off by abrasive materials like Carbon Fiber, so for such materials we recommend printing with the high temp hot end which doesnt have that liner.

If you also need a new temperature sensor thermister or thermocouple, or a new cartridge heater, please buy them separately.



Hot End assembly for Creabot F series 3d printers such as the F430, F430 PEEK edition, F160, F160 PEEK edition, D600 Pro, D600, F1000.
This is a standard 260C max temperature hot end which has a teflon liner coated inside the heat brake for ease of use with PLA, PETG, TPU, Nylon, etc.

The hot end includes the mount block, the heat brake (throat tube) & a 0.4mm brass nozzle.
These brass nozzles are individually turned as part of the main production process, not just die casted like budget models.
They are extremely precise, well machines parts that will out last other products.

Materials like Carbon Fiber Nylon can be printed with this short term, but should be avoided as it can accelarate wearing the teflon liner inside the heat brake tube.
Do not exceed 260C print temperature as that can cause the Teflon to get damaged.

If you want to 3d print Carbon Fiber reliably or print with high temp materials above 260C, please buy the Creatbot F series 420C High temp hot end which doesnt have a teflon liner & has a brass mounting block for better heating at those high temperatures.