Creatbot F160 3D Printer – standard version

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Creatbot F160 3D Printer – standard version

$2,100.00 +gst

CreatBot F-160 Standard Edition 3D Printer

Industrial Quality, Affordable Price.
A robust 3D Printer in a small footprint that can 3D print most materials with very high accuracy & precision.
Build volume: 160mm x 160mm x 200mm

Please Note: This is the standard (not PEEK capable) edition Creatbot F160 3D Printer.

If you are looking for a 3d printer that can 3d print ANY material including PEEK / PEI please see our other Creatbot F160 PEEK 3d printer.


The F160 creatbot 3D Printer offers the accuracy & reliability of the bigger F430 3d printer at a more affordable price for those who want a compact yet highly capable 3d printer.

The F160 comes in 2 versions. One is PEEK (& advanced materials rated) but the other is not.
This is the standard version (cheaper) with a high temperature hot end but is not rated as PEEK capable.
If you want to 3d print small PEEK or PEI Ultem parts reliably we would recommend you look at our other F160 PEEK version 3d printer.
Both machines look identical but the PEEK version has active chamber control & PEEK capable hotend.
The PEEK version costs more as it has more advancements geared toward 3d printing PEEK.

The new F series 3d printers are enclosed & have a modern touch screen interface.
They are available in 1.75mm filament diameter filament with direct drive heads.
This is the Quietest 3d printer we sell & is thus at home in office spaces or class rooms.

These features are sought after by prosumer users who would otherwise buy a Creatbot D series machine, but do not need something so big & are thus after something at a lower price point.

If you want a Sleek but Commercial Quality 3D Printer that performs in literally any environment, the F160 will not disappoint.

Good ventilation is always recommended with these 3d printers so that you can 3d print advanced materials better.

Additional information

Dimensions 40 × 35 × 50 mm