Phrozen MEGA S – Washer & Curer Combo

Large 3d prints need proper cleaning & curing.
So you’ve got yourself a nice big 3d printer.. but you need a good wash & cure process for your resin 3d prints to give you the end results you expect.

The Phrozen Mega S Washer has a large 30L capacity & allows the entire build plate to be washed inside it.
Without touching the model, you can simply place the entire plate & let the washer do everything for you.
No mess, no need to touch the resin.

Once cleaned, the models are ready to be cured in the bundled Mega S Cure.

The Phrozen Mega S Curer comes with 30 X 30 X 35cm chamber size designed to complement 15″ LCD 3d printers like the Phrozen Mega 8K.
With 405nm UV lights and a 360-degree rotating stand, Phrozen S Cure Mega cures large prints or multiple smaller-sized models reliably, regardless of size.

Without proper washing & curing, prints can easily fail or feel sticky to touch. Don’t let your models fail at this crucial stage.
Wash without hassle, & Cure your models in the chamber with a click of a button.