This is a Carbon Fibre reinforced spring steel sheet designed for the Creatbot F160 & F160 PEEK 3d printer Bed.

It allows you to setup an easy removable build plate system by 3d printing on this plate, or attaching your chosen build surface onto this plate.
Check out our matching Creatbot F160 Build Tak Bed Mat for a sleek & easy solution.

This is a high wear resistant 3d printing surface that can provide good adhesion for PEEK & PEI or other advanced polymers, with appropriate surface glues.
Ideal for those who 3d print with such materials extensively.

You can print directly on Carbon Fibre plates with any material including PLA, but you must apply a little bit of Glue stick on this plate first.
You can also buy our 200x200mm PEI sheet which are perfect to stick on this metal plate.