The CreatBot PEEK-300 is an ultra performance 3D printer specially optimised to work with ultra high performance advanced materials such as PEEK, PEKK, PEI (Ultem tm), etc polymers in a dedicated no-compromise environment. It is designed for high reliability and industrail performance at a price that is substantially cheaper than industrial additive manufacturing systems.

3D Print any advanced polymer filaments without any warping or shrinkage issues to deal with regardless of size.
And thanks to the Patented DAS system, you won’t need to anneal your prototpyes, saving you several hours & resources in post-print processing.

An outline simple Industry specific use cases :

  • Engine manfolds can be 3d printed using PEI 1010, which handles 200 deg C operating temp.
  • FDA approved parts can be 3d printed using PEI 9085 to aid substantial weight reduction on aircraft, with a weight to strength ratio that is greater than aluminum, with all the necessary flame retardant properties.
  • Hip, Knee & Jaw replacements for interbody transplants can be 3d printed using PEEK instead of titanium to aid MRI friendly post operative assessment & any future surgical planning.
  • Medical tooling can be 3d printed using PPSF / PPSU & can survive commercial autoclave sterlisation exceeding 230 deg C & be exposed to bodily fluids as it is rated for use in biodiverse aqueus conditions.

Ultra performance Polymers & Composites are the future in additive manufacturing of production parts on demand.

Special Features found only on the Creatbot PEEK 300:

  • Patented Direct Annealing Hot end
  • Water cooled triple heat isolatation system
  • 500 deg C Dual Extruder Heads
  • 120 deg C Active Thermal Chamber
  • 200 deg C Heated Bed

Build volume 300 x 300mm x 400mm height

From the company that brought you the first affordable desktop grade PEEK capable 3D Printer, now comes a beast that is designed to deliver cutting edge factory parts on demand in Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, & R&D specifically using PEEK & its related family of plastic filaments.