Creatbot XYZ Stepper Driver

Creatbot XYZ Stepper Driver

$19.00 +gst

These are the drivers used to drive the stepper motors on Creatbot 3d printers.
They are used for the X Y Z axi motors as well as for the Extruder motors.

Different drivers have been used for the X Y axi as well as for the Z & E1 / E2.
Please choose the correct model number.

If the model you have is not listed, please contact us & we will set it up for you.


Please do not modify the voltage setting.
Incorrect use of the driver will cause it to become faulty almost straight away.

Please buy carefully as we don’t accept returns on stepper drivers.

This is a Creatbot OEM part & is for Creatbot 3d printers only.
These parts will only be supplied to customers who have bought Creatbot 3d printers from us.
We may request proof of purchase if we can’t find your printer purchase from previous orders.
Thank you for understanding.

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Weight 0.5 kg

6032, TMC 2208