Einscan H Hybrid Handheld 3D Scanner with Infra Red & LED Light

Shining 3D has innovatively integrated the proven Structured White light technology with Invisible Infra Red light for the EinScan H 3D Scanner to create a powerful yet comfortable 3D scanning experience.
The H unit also includes FULL COLOUR 3D Scanning out of the box – without buying any Add On packs unlike previous models.

It is able to scan a human face without the bright uncomfortable lighting sequence found on other scanners.
The IF system is also able to capture difficult to scan objects like hair, which has always been a chanllenge with common handheld scanners.
This is good not only for sacanning people, but also good for the operator should they find constant structured light patterns uncomfortable & can work with the IF mode for their chosen application.

The Einscan H offers the same accuracy as the HX model, but the HX has the abailty to scan a larger range of surfaces with greater accuracy thanks to blue LED light & blue laser technology.