Einscan HX Hybrid Handheld 3D Scanner with Blue Laser & Blue LED Light

Shining 3D has innovatively integrated blue LED light and blue laser into the EinScan HX handheld 3D scanner, making this the most powerful handheld 3D Scanner we have ever offered.
This hybrid laser and LED light source make EinScan HX compatible with the widest range of objects compared to anything before.
This meets multiple needs including High efficiency & provides a reliable result across greater applications.

The EinScan HX is particularly useful when scanning hard to scan, dark or reflective surfaces, & is less sensitive to ambient light.
The HX also includes FULL COLOUR 3D Scanning out of the box – without buying any Add On packs unlike previous models.

For a Full Reverse Engineering & Analysis setup, please consider the HX RED BUNDLE.
This bundle includes powerful 3D Systems Geomagic software for the best scan integration experience.

The Einscan HX is the best handheld 3D Scanner we have ever sold, & you will struggle to find superior without spending over $50,000.