Einscan SP Platinum 3D Scanner – with Free SolidEdge software

Einscan SP Platinum 3D Scanner – with Free SolidEdge software

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Shining 3D Einscan SP – the most versatile desktop 3d scanner

The SP Platinum scanner is the next step up from the Einscan SE 3D Scanner.
Faster speed & high quality Professional grade 3D Scanning made more accessible.
It also allows you to scan a wider size of parts thanks to a snapshot mode which can be used without a turntable.

FREE TRAINING for your team.
Come visit us & we’ll show you how to get the best possible 3D Scans with our 3D Scanners.

Professional Grade 3d scanner aimed at Engineering, CGI, VR
Ideal for Reverse Engineering parts & general Product Design

FREE Solid Edge Shining 3D Edition software with the EinScan SP

Can 3D Scan a vast range of objects from small to large.
Great for Designers & Businesses who want to scan complex objects though not necessarily need a hand held unit.

Includes the Turntable & very easy USB setup.
White Light Scanning Technology Ideal for Professional accurate results.

3D Models can be exported easily into .stl for 3D Printing, or ready to use in your CAD program.

Out of stock


Single Shot Accuracy ≤0.01mm
Scan Modes Feature, Markers, Auto & Manual
Min. Scan Volume 30 x 30 x 30mm
Range of Single Capture 200 x 150mm
Scan Speed approx 4 sec – 1 min
Point Distance 0.17 – 0.2mm
Texture Yes
File Format OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY
Camera Resolution 1.3 Mega Pixels
Light Source White Lights
Stand-off Distance 290 ~ 480mm
Computer Requirements 1 ×USB 2.0  (3.0 pref) – Win7, Win8, Win10 (64 bit), Dual-core i5 or higher, Ram >8 GB pref
Weight (unpacked) 2.5kg
Weight (packed) 4.9kg
Dimension 570 x 210 x 210mm
Power Supply 50W
Input Voltage DC: 12V, 3.33A
Calibration Board HD
Turntable With Coded Markers
Load Capacity of Turntable 5kg