FlashForge FC3 Heated UV Curing Box

FlashForge FC3 Heated UV Curing Box

Introducing the Flashforge Heated Curer FC3

To get professional resin 3d prints, you need to cure them not only with UV, but also with the correct amount of heat during that UV curing process.

When resin cures, it generates heat. A heated chamber keeps the part at an already uniform temperature, so when the part cures, the internal sections cure in a stable environment, so it reduces distortion & also crystallises the polymer chains evenly.

Most curers on the market lack the active heating system needed to correctly cure the internal cross section of your part.
Resin cures not only with UV, but accelerates its curing with heat under UV.
In standard curers, the UV exposure happens in an uneven way, that can causes the resin to heat abnormally & leads to part distortion.

For strong, consistent, & factory quality parts from your LCD & LP resin 3d printers, a heated curer is a must.

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FC3 heated UV controlled DLP LCD resin curer

Many 3d printed materials will not exhibit their optimum specified strength unless they are cured properly.
And this is often why people may feel a resin is not as strong as it was expected, not because of faulty resin, but because of less than ideal manufacturing practise.

This is particularly important for Orthodontic, Digital Dental, & Jewellery 3d printing applications.
The new engineering resins being released for eg the Loctite Pro 410 etc will all benefit from heated curers if you want to unleash the full potential of these advanced resins.

With temperature setting from 35C to 60C – you get optimum performance from all the resins cured in this range.
You also get selectable UV beam strength, & the high power mode allows for specialised industrial grade resins to cure to full strength.

When using castable wax resins for jewellery or dental casting, you often find that a print not cured thermally will not burn cleanly.
This is because the polymerisation of the resin is uneven, & the wax is not uniform withint the parts internals.
This will leave behind ash residue in burnouts.
Heating the part while curing it puts the resin closer to the Glass Transition temperature of the polymer, & promotes full inter-layer adhesion as it rearranges the polymer chains unirformly across the thermally stable part & re-crystallises.

Industrial machines have always come bundled with heated curers, but these have been very expensive.
Now with the FC3, we can all get the advantages of a actively temperature controlled convection heated curing unit at a very affordable price point.

Heated Curing Box FC3 Specifications
Curing Volume 203mm cylinder x 139mm height
Temperature Range 35-60C adjustable
Time range 0-300 mins timer
UV wavelenght 405nm (compatible with most 380-420nm resins)
Curing Modes Standard / High Power Mode for industrial resins
Machine size 399x266x255mm compact foorprint

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 48 × 35 × 30 mm