Premium Flexible Plastic TPU Filament

Our Flexible plastic filament has some amazing capabilities & is very easy to print.

This material is very easy to print with many stock 3d printers like our Wanhao i3 D4 etc.
Makerbots, FlashForge, Dremel & many other reprap clones will be able to print with this material quite easily.

This listing is for a 1 KG roll of 1.75mm Flexible plastic filament.

Also available in 3mm filament (2.85mm diameter) please see other listing.

It is an ideal first flexible material for designs where you need flexiblity without wanting excessive expansion & elongation.
If you want rubbery stretchy prints, then please see our NinjaFlex filament.

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Please take a look at our website if you want samples of other materials including flexible TPUs, metal infills, colorfabb speciality filaments, wood filaments, poly-carbonate blends etc

We store our filaments carefully thus minimising exposure to moisture & elements. We go through lots of it so most rolls are quite fresh.

We also sell the superb Flexion Extruder kit which is the best extruder upgrade on the market – to print flexible filaments as easily as PLA.

Any questions please ask.