Mayku Clear PET Sheets 1mm 20 Pack

$55.00 +gst

Cast sheets for FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former – 1mm Extra Thick

  • The same clear PET material used in drink bottles & food containers. 1.0 mm Extra Thick sheets for Durable & Tough applications like larger sized moulds.
  • MAKE YOUR IDEAS REAL: Use Makyu Cast Sheets with the Makyu FormBox to create your very own desktop production line. Whether you’re crafting by hand or partnering with your 3D printer, you can create a factory finish without the factory.
  • TRANSPARENT AND FOOD-SAFE: Suitable for use with a whole range of materials. 1mm PET sheets can be used with food-related products.
  • FULLY REUSABLE: Use the same molds repeatedly, for minimum waste and maximum efficiency.
  • EASY REMOVAL: The slight flex and non-stick surface that the sheet provides ensures that your templates and casts can be removed with ease.
  • RECYCLABLE: These sheets are recyclable, making them an eco-friendly option. These are Partly made from recycled plastic waste as well.

In stock right here in Auckland & ready to ship today.

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