New improved easy switch nozzle & hot end for the FlashForge Adventurer series 3D Printer.
These nozzles work on Adventurer 3, Adventurer 3 Pro, & Adventurer 4 3d printers.

Please choose your nozzle diameter & temperature from the dropdowns.

This is a superbly easy to use, unique system that allows you to quickly switch the nozzle, & heater block without any assembly.
Just press the clamps on the sides of the head to push this assembly out, & then insert a new one in.

They are avilable in 2 temperature options; 240C & 260C. As well as in 2 different sizes, 0.4mm & 0.6mm.
These nozzles are stainless steel, so wear much lesser than brass nozzles.

With machines like the Adventurer 4, you can buy the 0.6mm nozzle head to print with Carbon Fiber.
This is a real advantage for a machine in this price point to now offer Carbon FIber 3d printing capability.

For older Adventuer 3 3D Printers (before 2020) we recommend you use the 240C 0.4mm nozzles.