Painter Paper Tape – Good quality specially sourced for NZ conditions

The secret to excellent 3d printing is that the first layer of your part should stick perfectly to your bed.

But with so much confusion around what is best, from hair sprays to abs slurries, what really works well?
ANd there are so many rolls of paper tape too, which one should you get?
We’ve done a lot of testing, looked at branded as well as OEMs, & finally selected this one.

Start with a roll of this tape.
It is the most versatile 3d printing bed material & can be used with PLA, ABS, PETG, NinjaFLex, Poly Carbonate, Metal fills & even Carbon fibre.
It also helps with levelling beds when metal beds slowly start to warp.

Its easy to discount something so cheap, but try it & you will be impressed..
This inexpensive tape will last a long time & is easy to replace.

Approx 60mm width & 15 metres length