Phrozen Cure XL UV 3D Print Curing Lamp

The Phrozen Cure XL has a chamber of 29 x 29 x 45 cm!
Designed to support large 13″ LCD 3d printers like the Phrozen Transform

The unique advantage of the Cure XL is that its powered by UV LEDs of 3 common wavelengths 365nm, 385nm & 405nm.
This helps to cure the inner, middle, and outer layers, respectively.
And provides effective curing with the widest range of resins.

With 150 Watts of LED’s this is a Cure Lamp power house like no other.
Includes a timer system for compatibility for all your resins.

Works fine with 3d prints made by all popular resin 3d printers on the market. And the Perfect match for our large Phrozen Transform Mono 4K Resin 3d printer