Phrozen Wash V2 Resin Cleaner Safe IPA alternative

Phrozen Wash V2 Resin Cleaner Safe IPA alternative

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Phrozen Wash Resin Cleaning liquid – The Best Resin 3D Print Cleaning

Phrozen’s Wash Resin Cleaner is a powerful cleaning agent that dissolves uncured UV resin.
Allows you to wash your printed models by either spraying or soaking it directly into the liquid.
It is very low viscosity cleaning liquid, no sud (non foaming) so works extremely well in Ultra Sonic cleaners & debinders.
This Resin Cleaner has almost no odor & is not flammable like IPA.
It works perfectly for standard resin as well as Water wash resins!

Please note these come in 5 Liter Jugs. However, we offer these in 1L bottles by filling them from the 5L jug.
So the 1l bottle will not have a Phrozen brand label on it.
If you want a labelled can, then please buy the 5L can which will be the full can with Phrozen’s label on it.

The new wash V2 formula is faster, safer, longer lasting & thus cheaper than using IPA, Methyl Spirits, Ethanol or any other Alcohol based cleaners.
Still cleaning 3d prints the old way? We’d like to bring to kiwis the best print cleaning product ever.
Coupled with Phrozen Wash Ultrasonic cleaner, you will have the fastest & least messy 3d print cleaning work flow ever.

You will get printed parts without surface cracks, cloudiness or any residue. It is a perfect cleaner for build plates, vats, instruments & surfaces. It is safer, quicker, more effective and longer lasting than Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA).

FOR BEST RESULTS: 3D Print  – Clean using Phrozen Wash using an cleaning apparatus – Wash in normal water – POSTCURE!

It is also compatible with common Wash & Cure cleaning stations on the market. However, for your certainty, please check with the maunfacturer of your unit & conduct proper research to ensure there are no known incompatibilies with your specific equipment.

1 L Bottle of Resin cleaner. In stock right here in Auckland & ready to ship!

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