Esun Water wash 3D Printer Resin – 0.5Kg – Clear

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Esun Water wash 3D Printer Resin – 0.5Kg – Clear

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Esun Water Washable Clear Resin 0.5Kg

No more IPA or methyl spirits needed to clean up 3d prints, making SLA technology even more accessible in any environment.
Just 3d print the design & cleanup is as simple & washing the 3d printed model in water!

Our Esun resin works perfectly on all popular resin 3d printers of the 420nm UV spectrum range including Phrozen, Anycubic, Wanhao, Creality, Elegoo, Longer, etc

Perfect for all levels of LCD SLA 3d printing users particularly beginners & schools can now implement Resin 3d printers easily.

Esun resin will work on most lcd driven resin 3d printers including Phrozen, Anycubic, Elegoo, Wanhao, Creality, Longer etc.
However, newer monochrome LCD screen based 3d printers like the Phrozen Sonic, Transform, Elegoo Mars Pro etc are able to print much faster if you use a faster resin.
So for those machines with mono lcd we would recommend using Phrozen resins for optimal performance.

Please don’t wash parts directly under running water in your sink.
Please DO NOT dump waste water directly into your sink.
Cure the waste water by sunlight & dispose the plastic parts.
Please care for the environment & 3d print responsibly.

Out of stock


Please shake for at least 60 seconds before use.
Standard clear resins can discolour slightly if overcured during or after the 3d printing process.
If you want a high clarity resin after post-processing, we recommend the Phrozen SC801C resin instead.
It is designed to withstand higher curing & provide better clarity with far less tinting compared to standard clear resins.

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