Esun PLA Plus 2.85mm (3mm compatible) 1 kg Printing Filament

Please note this is 2.85mm filament diameter. Most 3d printers use 1.75mm filament.
Please confirm you need 2.85mm.
Common machines that use 2.85mm are Ultimaker, Lulzbot, & some older Creatbot D series printers.

New Creatbot F series are 1.75mm. Please buy 1.75mm filaments from here.

Do you want to 3D Print with PLA & still want higher flexibility, impact strength & easy to remove supports? Please welcome the new esun PLA plus! As easy to print as PLA & yet highly functional, PLA+ is the future of PLA.

This is the 3mm compatible 2.85mm PLA Filament.
Works beautifully in Creatbot, Ultimaker, Lulzbot & other 2.85 /3 mm 3d printers.

ESun is a well respected company world wide thanks to this new PLA 3d printing filament.
All PLA is naturally sourced, compostible & bio-degradable. It is the easiest material to 3d print.

In the past, if you wanted functionality (but didnt need high temperature resistance), you still had to use other alternatives like PetG / ABS which were harder to work with.
Now you can 3d print with the ease of PLA while getting many functional advantages & yet be eco-friendly thanks to eSun PLA plus!

We are Authorised Reseller of eSun & our PLA+ 3d printer filament is stocked right here in NZ so we can bring our kiwi 3d customers great quality BRANDED pla filament for a superb price.

Our range of eSun PLA+ colours is growing everyday.
Please choose your colours from the dropdown list.