PVA Filament 1.75mm Water Soluble Supports

PVA Filament 1.75mm Water Soluble Supports

$52.00 +gst

PVA is commonly used as a soluble support material for 3d prints.
Some delicate 3d prints or items that need really good surface finish, need to use a lot of support.
Because of that, the complex support material can be difficult to manually remove & it can even crack the actual part while being removed.
PVA solves the problem because you 3d print the main part with 1 head using PLA & print the supports with the other head using PVA.

It is the best soluble material for dual extruder 3d printers especially when printing with PLA.
This PVA is top quality & will deliver superb results on any 3D Printer.
0.5Kg roll of 1.75mm filament in a plain natural colour.


PVA Filament 1.75mm Water Soluble Support 3D Printing

Introducing the Top quality PVA filament in New Zealand for a super low price!
Say hello to easy soluble supports with PVA – No more having to work with HIPS & lemonene!
Completely safe, non-hazardous, easy to use material.
Dissolves in warm water, no mess, no fuss.