Revopoint mini 3D Scanner

Revopoint mini 3D Scanner

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The Revopoint Mini is a compact and user-friendly 3D scanner that allows you to capture high-precision 3D models of objects. Its portable design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, and its intuitive software ensures a seamless scanning experience. This scanner is ideal for hobbyists, designers, and small businesses who want to bring their ideas to life in the world of digital fabrication. The Revopoint Mini offers exceptional accuracy and precision, allowing you to create detailed 3D models with ease.

In stock

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Scanning Type

Handheld and Turntable


Dual-camera Blue Structured Light

Object Size


Single-frame Precision, up to

0.02 mm

Single-frame Accuracy, up to

0.05 mm

Point Distance (Resolution), up to

0.02 mm

Working Distance

100 ~ 200 mm

Closest Single Capture Range

40 x 50 @100 mm

Furthest Single Capture Range

118 x 100 @ 200 mm

Angular Field of View, H x W

37 x 28°

Minimum Scan Volume

10 x 10 x 10 mm

Maximum Scan Volume

500 x 500 x 500 mm

Scanning Speed

Up to 10 fps

Depth Camera Resolution, up to

1 Megapixels

RGB Camera Resolution

1 Megapixels

Color Scanning

Tracking Methods

Feature, Marker

Outdoor Scanning

3D Light Source

Class 1 Blue Light

White LED Flash


Infrared Fill Lights


Positioning Sensors



2 core, 1.6 GHz

Internal Processing

Depth map computing