Sample Test 3D Print for 3D Printer buyers

Sample Test 3D Print for 3D Printer buyers

$100.00 +gst

Want to buy an advanced 3d printer but unsure if your specific design in your filament of choice will be 3d printed to the required level for the 3d printer you are considering?
Then this test 3d print service is for you.
We’ll offer you some free advice on the part’s design, known challenges, & what to expect for your desired filament & 3d printer.

You send us the stl file & your brand of filament, & we will 3d print it using that advanced material on the 3d printer you wish to evaluate.
Common ultra performance materials include PEI Ultem, PSU, PPS, PPSF, PPSU, PPE-PS, PEEK, PEAK, PP & Even experimental filaments that may not be mass produced yet.

The same is also available for liquid resins. So if you want to check if a batch of different parts can be printed, we can do that for you on the resin 3d printer you would want to buy.

Please contact us before buying this service, & please only purchase it after we have confirmed for you to do so.


This service allows you to benchamark the different 3d printing materials out there even if we don’t sell the same material ourselves.

Please note this is a sample printing service only for customers who intend to buy a 3d printer. Capped at 1 sample batch per machine per material per stl.
The $100+Gst is for up to 8hrs of this test print time. $100+gst charge for every 8 hr slot after the first 8 hrs per test print.

We presently offer this service on our Advanced & Professional like of 3d printers including Creatbot F430 PEEK edition, Creatbot PEEK-300, Creatbot D600 Pro, Creatbot F160 PEEK edition, FlashForge Creator 4 Pro, & Phrozen Mega 8K.

We discuss quality requirements, & print settings etc as well.
Please note we will be qualifying your requirment in detail before agreeing to offer this service.