3D Printer Repair at our site

3D Printer Repair at our site

$85.00 +gst

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Book a service or repair for your 3d printer to be done at our office.
Please drop off or ship the machine to us.
This can include repair or standard maintenance related issues.

This booking includes up to 1 hour of our time in repairing or servicing the machine.
If your machine can’t be fixed, or parts are not available for example, then we will discuss those options with you.
But kindly note you will still have to pay the first hour fee as our minimum assessment charge regardless of whether the machine can be repaired or not.

First we will have to fix any critical issues on the machine.
After the first hour, any extra work is done at a rate of $85+gst per additional hour, in 15 min slots.
Parts needed to repair your 3d printer are additional charges to what we have charged here.

If the 3d printer can’t be brought over, we also offer a call out service to your site.
We mainly offer this service to the Auckland region, but can discuss coming over anywhere in New Zealand
Please have a read here.

Please read our 3D printer repair page to fully understand our charges & processes.
Proceeding with a booking indicates you accept our Terms & Conditions.

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f430 Automatic platform levelling

We always aim to let you know asap if a machine has critical faults that would be uneconomical to fix.
However, minimum assessment charges are still payable even if your 3d printer has issues that we can’t fix.
This is because we have genuinely spent our time to help you.
Our inability to fix would thus be due to circumstances outside our control, so we politely request you to still pay the charges promptly before collection.

If the machine is uneconomical to repair, please don’t leave it here.
We will still bill you for repair as well as disposal charges if you do not take / ship it back.