Shining3D AoralScan3 Intra Oral Scanner

Shining3D AoralScan3 Intra Oral Scanner

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3D Printer Store is proud to present the new AoralScan 3 Intraoral 3d scanner by Shining3d.
With real life like full colour 3D scanning & texture, you can show your patience chair side, the benefits of treatment options & reduce your follow on appointments.
It also give your patience a more comfortable & modern experience by eliminating impression trays whenever you can.

With its highly affordable price point, the new Aoralscan 3 Intra Oral 3d scanner is out to make Digital Dentistry affordable for Dental practices of all levels & sizes.
From a startup with 1 chair through to clinics with 20, Shining 3D offers performance that is at par with more expensive scanners on the market, at less than half their usual price.

Get perfect integration for ExoCad, your Milling machine as well as for your 3d printer.
You can send easily to Labs too, & enjoy improved speedy work flow.

A high speed, extremely accurate, & easy to use AI backed IOS is finally available to New Zealand & Australian dentists.

Shining 3D is not a newcomer to scanning, like some other emerging Asian dental companies.
The company was founded in 2004 and developed its own 3D scanning technology, owning over 300 patents, and more than 100 copyrights.
It has more than 17 years of experience in the High-Precision 3D Scanning industry, which shows in many aspects, such as the quality of software developed for the devices.

The Aoral Scan 3 is the latest major system change to the Aoral platform, & its improvements are reflected in the scanning speed, accuracy, software AI & compact package.
Aoralscan 3 is now also available as the latest wireless version.


Aoralscan 3

· Brand New Design

· Fast Speed

· High Accuracy

· Powerful AI Process

· Intuitive Communication

Aoralscan main features