Taulman Nylon Guidel!ne 3D Printer Filament

The best selling Taulman Nylon 3d printing filament has just gotten an upgrade!
Please welcome Taulman Nylon Guideline which is bio safe & approved for skin contact.

Taulman 3D Filaments are Made in USA & specialise in high strength & special purpose Nylon PA.
These Nylon filaments exhibit properties you expect from Engineering plastic resins.

Suggest 3d printing with full metal hot end in the 280C range.
Sealed enclosures & 3d printers with active chamber heating are generally better at 3d printing nylon.
We suggest drying the filament in an oven at 70C for 4 hrs if you hear crackling & popping while printing.

Approx 0.5 Kg roll 1.75mm