Taulman T-Glase 3D Printer Filament

The clearest PET class 3d printer material in the world. Possibly the most transparent looking 3d printing filament currently available.

PET is a Food Safe material. When 3d printed correctly, PET 3d prints can be watertight.
This makes PET-t & PET-g idea for:
Bottles, Containers, Jars, Cups / mugs & Storage Boxes

Taulman 3D Filaments are Made in USA & specialise in high strength & special purpose 3d filaments.
These filaments exhibit properties you expect from Engineering plastic resins.

Taulman PET-t is a purer PET than standard PETG.
It is similar to petg but not exactly the same.
PETg has more additives in it which are absent in Taulman T glase.

Easy to 3d print on most 3d printers in the 260C range.
This 1Lb roll is just under 500g of PET material.

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