What is an IDEX 3D Printer & why would you want it

2020-06-01T15:43:03+12:00May 30th, 2020|FAQ, News|

So what is IDEX technology & why is it such a big deal in Dual Extruder 3D Printers?

First lets explore what Dual Head 3D Printers actually refers to

Common 3D Printers with 2 heads, also called dual extruder heads, are essentially 2 filament output mechanisms attached side by side on a single ‘Head mount’.
For sake of convenience, these were still called ‘Dual Head’ & the terms dual head or dual extruder […]

Esun PLA+ – Why exactly would you want it?

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PLA Plus vs PLA – Go For Quality

Why exactly would you want it & not standard PLA?

..and when should you use standard PLA? Is there ever a need? (yes there is.. please read on..)

Our PLA+ (same as PLA Plus) 3d filaments brands are very well reviewed world wide. And so are our standard filaments – well respected.
So its been a common question asked as to why we have both.

PLA is […]

Resell with 3D Printer Store

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Partner with 3D Printer Store in New Zealand

If you believe in the future of 3D Printing & all things 3D, we would love to talk with you.
We can assist you with reselling 3D Hardware, 3D Services, Consumables & other channels.

We work with some of the best customers & reputed service providers in the business.
As authorised distributors for leading 3D Printing brands, we can open up new possibilities in your […]

1 NEWS interviews Zubbin of 3D Printing Services on 3D-printed firearms

2019-03-13T23:40:38+12:00November 3rd, 2018|News|

Zubbin Navroji of 3D Printer Store was interviewed by 1 News as New Zealand’s 3D printing expert.
He discussed the viability of 3D printing a gun using current FDM technology.

Read the full story on TVNZ.