Lets talk about some simple ways to setup supports for FDM 3d prints using Creatware.

The easiest way to use supports is by using automatic support.
Tick the Auto Generate Support button & you’re good to go.

However, in some cases, the auto support can be a bit too cautious & lay a bit too much support around the model.
If its a soluble support, this is ok. But if its breakaway support, then removing a lot of support can be a pain.
So in such cases, you can control how much support is placed on the surface of the model.

The best way to do this is by simply specifying the Overhang Threshold.

FDM Auto support setting


The greater the number, the more the support around the object.
The lower the number, the lesser the support.
Strongly suggest not going below 10.
15-30 is a good range for most applications.

Setup the supports as per the screenshot below, & then slice the object.

Preview the slice in the layer view. Does it look good?
If yes, go ahead & start the print.
If not, change the overhang number & check the slice again.

Thats it. Easy. Happy 3d printing.