3D Printer Simple Service at our site

3D Printer Simple Service at our site

$130.00 +gst

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A simple, cost effective, servicing of your 3d printer will keep it running nice & healthy.

If you’ve been having issues like irregular extrusion, parts not sticking to the bed, excessive noise, lower quality 3d prints then before, then it may be a good idea to book your 3d printer in for our ‘simple service’

What we’ll do for you:

  • Clean & lubricate the mechanics
  • Replace the hot end components including nozzle, temperature sensor, teflon liners
  • Re-level hot ends & calibrate the heads
  • Clean the bed, check the bed adhesion surface, level the bed
  • Recommend any further repairs needed
  • Run a proper test print & ensure the machine works to its acceptable standard

Our ‘simple service’ is best suited for customers who have bought one of our 3d printers.
However, we might still be able to help other 3d printer owners.
Please discuss this with us when you book.

If we don’t have the correct parts for your specific 3d printer, we may need to order those.
If your printer maker refuse to sell these parts, we will discuss those options with you on a case by case basis.

Out of stock


f430 Automatic platform levelling

Please note that any further parts needed, or any extra time spent on that repair is not included in this 3d printer servicing.
We discuss those options first before charging you extra.

If your 3d printer has known, serious faults, we recommend you book it as a 3d printer repair rather than a standard 3d printer service.
The service is more so for units that are able to run, but not work well.
Repairs are for more serious issues where the unit can’t perform at all.
This simple servicing is best suited for 3d printers that we know & sell. For other models of 3d printers, costs may not be as clearly known to us.

Please discuss this when you book so we can do what is best for your particular 3d printer & your needs.

Thank you.