The World’s Best Soluble Support 3D Filament is now in New Zealand.
DPA-100 support material is engineered to match with materials like PETG, ABS, ASA, PolyCarbonate and Nylon materials which don’t stick to PVA. DPA-100 has low moisture absorption so it offers better shelf-life and easier printing over time. DPA-100 also works well with PLA & other common PLA blend materials like PLA+ or PLA Pro.

DPA-100 is a polyacrylate material which dissolves in a mild alkaline solution, like this matching ColorFabb DPA Detergent, which we recommend using with this filament. It is not a PVA.
You may have heard of this kind of technology originally available only in respected industrial systems like the Stratasys Fortus.
Now thanks to Colorfabb, this technology is accessible to a broad range of open platform 3d printers.

1.75mm Filament 500 grams roll Natural Colour.

Due to the sheer variety of addtives added to different base materials, it is impossible to guarantee that any one given PVA or soluble material will provide perfect adhesion with every other filament available. But with DPA100, you have the best possible chance of success. Colorfabb makes some of the best 3d printing filaments in Netherlands, & has a reputation for being the first to bring many unique formulations into the 3d printing world. Their products are well tested before launching, with a well documented printing guide, making them very successful 3d filaments to work with.
So if you are wanting to 3d print Nylon’s or PET’s in particular with a soluble support, then the DPA100 is your best chance in today’s Additive Manufacturing market.