Creatbot F series 1.75mm Full Metal Hotend Heat Brake Tube

Creatbot F series 1.75mm Full Metal Hotend Heat Brake Tube

$20.00 +gst

Genuine Creatbot Throat Tube which connects the hot block into the extruder mechanism.
This is the Full Matal hot end which doesn’t have a teflon liner inside, allowing you to easily print Carbon Fiber as well as high temp materials up to 450C.
If you are new to 3d printing, you might find it useful to start with the other Teflon lined heat brake version as it can be easier to print common materials like PLA & ABS with that one.

The heat sink & the nozzle is attached at the bottom of this piece.
If you have replaced nozzles & still find there are extrusion issues, please consider changing this part.

This tube is considered part of the heat break mechanisk, & has a partial teflon coating on the top to aim smooth extrusion.
So it is recommend you change this tube as needed for the best uniformity in extrusion as well as reduction of jams or blockages particular in longer 3d prints.
Will suit all Creatbot D series 3D Printers we sell including F160, F160 PEEK, F430, F430 PEEK, D600 PRO (not the older D600)


These brass nozzles are individually turned as part of the main production process, not just die casted like budget models.
They are extremely precise, well machines parts that will out last other products.

The standard nozzle diameter that comes with the machine is 0.4mm
Please specify what hole size nozzle you would like.
If you do not specify, we will send you a 0.4mm nozzle.

Use a 0.4 if you want precision, but as you go larger, you will be able to build the model much faster.
A 0.8 mm nozzle on average can finish the build 6 times faster than a 0.4mm!
But also remember big nozzles mean less detail in the model, so do not use them for minute things or you will not be happy with the performance.
You need to adjust settings in your software to ensure you print with the larger sizes properly.

Please remember that nozzles can not be swapped after being used.
Please choose carefully, we cant refund or replace a nozzle once it shows even the slightest sign of use.

Please remember that nozzles can choke due to contaminants.
A brand new nozzle may print for 5 mins & choke if you are loading anything contaminated into it.
This is not a fault in the nozzle, but rather contaminants in the filament or dirt or known additives (like carbon fibre) that are choking the nozzle.
Such issues are not part of the warranty & do not qualify for a replacement.