This is a Genuine FlashForge brand nozzle Hardened steel nozzle suitable to 3d print Carbon Fiber filaments as well as higher temperature materials.
These nozzles are suitable for FlashForge Creator 3 & Creator 3 V2 3D Printers. These smart nozzles come with a one-piece heat brake built into them, so just changing this one nozzle gets you a practically new 1 piece extrusion area.

0.6mm nozzle diameter is recommended for Carbon Fiber, Glass, & Wood based filaments as it reduces teh chances of blockages & under extrusion over longer prints. These nozzles also double your effective throughput, thereby allowing your 3d prints to be completed much faster, usually twice as fast.

The 0.6mm hardened is our best selling nozzle that does every kind of 3d printing really well. We really recommend it.

Simply unscrew the existing nozzle & screw the new one on, easy. Please remember to always heat your hot end before removing your nozzle.