Martensitic Steel Best 3D Printer Nozzle Creatbot F 0.4mm

Martensitic Steel Best 3D Printer Nozzle Creatbot F 0.4mm

$40.00 +gst

Best Quality Creatbot Martensitic Hardened Steel nozzle for 1.75mm 3d printers.

Martensitic Steel nozzles are the best nozzles presently avaialble.
They are the most durable nozzles compared to brass or stainless steel.
Hardened martensitic steel allows much cleaner retractions than brass nozzles, which interestingly also improves the overall print quality.

These nozzles can be used with Carbon Fiber filaments, however please be advised 0.4mm is on the edge, its a bit small for carbon to flow through well. Milled Carbon Fiber Nylon when printing small parts should be ok, but for larger longer prints, recommend using 0.6mm nozzles.
These are well suited particularly for advanced materials that print at ultra high temps like PEEK, PEI Ultem, PPSU etc.

Our nozzles are individually machined for optimum precision & longer life (not just die casted like cheap nozzles).

Will suit all Creatbot F series 3D Printers we sell:
Creatbot F160, F160 PEEK, F430 & F430 PEEK edition 3d printers

We stock a wide range of nozzle diameters 0.3, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 mm
Our nozzles can also be used with other Mk8 compatible 3d printer heads.


Our martensitic nozzles are individually turned as part of the main production process, not just die casted like budget nozzles.
They are extremely precise, well machines parts that will out last other products.
And that is the reason why they cost much more than cheaper nozzles, but you will appreciate the value they bring to youre 3d printing.
Whilst any nozzle can block or choke, at least with these nozzles you get precision & longer wear resistance.

The standard nozzle diameter that comes with the machine is 0.4mm
Use a 0.4 if you want precision, but as you go larger, you will be able to build the model much faster.

A 0.8 mm nozzle on average can finish the build 6 times faster than a 0.4mm!
But also remember big nozzles mean less detail in the model, so do not use them for minute things or you will not be happy with the performance.
0.6mm nozzles offer almot double the throughput with minimal noticesable difference in output quality.
This is why 0.6 have now become our most common nozzle size, because it aids printing Carbon Fiber really well.

You need to adjust settings in your software to ensure you print with the larger sizes properly.

Please remember that nozzles can choke due to contaminants.
A brand new nozzle may print for 5 mins & choke if you are loading anything contaminated into it.
This is not a fault in the nozzle, but rather contaminants in the filament or dirt or known additives (like carbon fibre) that are choking the nozzle.
Such issues are not related to the part warranty & do not qualify for a replacement.
Please be aware that nozzles can not be returned or exchanged, as the sheer act of even screwing it onto a head means we can’t resell it again.
Please choose carefully.