This is the mat that sticks onto the spring steel build plate, which adheres on the magnetic 3D Printer bed of 3d printers like FlashForge Creator 3, 3 Pro & 3 Pro v2 . It can also be used on any 3d printer that has a 300x250mm build volume & you want a good quality surface mat.

This item is only the top build tak style mat, that you can 3d print on.
The photo is to show you how the mat is to be used in relation to a Creator series 3d printer.
This is a sticker, it has glue on 1 side, just peel it & stick it onto any surface.

It is a Polycarbonate re-inforced build surface that provides excellent adhesion to most common materials.
However, for Nylon based materials, it will be best to put a thin layer of the glue stick on it.

Some Flashforge mats are blue, & some are black – they are exactly the same mat, flashforge just changed colours between the machine releases.