Deli is an affordable versatile glue stick that works really well on all bed surfaces for all 3d printers.
PLA, ABS, ASA, HIPS etc will benefit from glue particularly on glass beds.

You will need glue when 3d printing with Nylon, Carbon Fibre, PolyPropylene, & other Engineering materials that don’t like to stick to other surfaces.

Applying glue greatly reduces warping from all materials.

You can start with this cheapest glue stick, & then move to get more specialised glue sticks from our collection of bed prep adhesives here.

Just apply a thin layer of this glue on a warm build surface, & print directly on it.

Please take care that if printing directly on glass beds then some materials can crack the bed when taking it off after using glue.
We recommend you buy a PEI sheet first rather than directly on glass or ceramic.

This is a PVA based glue that easily wipes off with a damp cloth.
Reapply only as needed. Less is more with Glue when used for 3d printing.

20g glue stick