PORCELENE has a NEW name….Welcome PRECISE™

PRECISE™ HD dental resin is an easy-to-use, high-quality & pin-point accurate. The smooth matte surface finish makes this a popular choice for orthodontics, diagnostics, prototypes, aligners and implant models. This is the preferred resin choice by most dental labs due to its high-tensile strength once post-cured.

Since there was some confusion with the PORCELENE resin name, we have decided to change it to PRECISE™.
Some of our new customers thought Porcelene, which sounds very similar to Porcelain, meant that the resin was hard but brittle.

In fact, the material has a hard surface finish, high tensile strength, and good impact resistance without being flexible (certainly NOT brittle), we have followed our standard naming convention of calling products what they are!

PRECISE™ HD dental 3D printer resin is an easy-to-use, high-quality, accurate dental model resin, it’s a popular choice for dental labs due to its mechanical properties.

Our quality control procedures follow the ISO 9001 guidelines to ensure batch-to-batch consistency in every bottle. We call this the set and forget methodology, meaning you only have to dial our resin once. Then it’s as simple as pour and print, giving you more time to focus on what’s important.

Monocure Rapid product range is designed to work with a wide range of LCD LED & mSLA dlp type 3d printers such as the Phrozen Sonic, Creality LDR, Elegoo Mars, Anycubic Photo, Wanhao D7 etc. The cure speed is up to 4 X faster than their standard resin.