Monocure Pro BIG VAT specialist Resin now in NZ

Monocure BigVat 4K Gray has been specially formulated for large size 3d printers that 3d print big models for very long prints.
It has some special properties that allows it to excel in such applications.

  • No pigment settling or separation during long prints
  • Enhanced build plate adhesion properties
  • Low reaction heat for enhanced LCD longevity
  • Low in viscosity, to ensure the highest details
  • Rapid cure formula for faster prints
  • Tuff base for enhanced tensile strength
  • Can be printed between 10 – 100-micron layer heights

Larger 1.25 Litre bottle is approx 1.4 kg of resin, making it a very cost effective advanced resin compared to other high performance resins.
Standard Monocure Grey colour.