PET Tape – Best Surface for Advanced materials

PET Tape – Best Surface for Advanced materials

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Do you print a lot with PETg, ABS, even Polycarbonate or Nylon?

If you find that challenging parts still tend to warp on other surfaces, please try our PET tape for all your functional parts.

It also offers an excellent mirror finish on your the bottom surface.

50mm wide so strips are easy to manage, & 50 metres long so the rolls last a while.

This is a tough & thick type of tape that will last a while compared to other alternatives like Kapton (Polyimide)

It is not as difficult or delicate to use as Polyimide & doesnt tear easily.

For those of you who use a lot of ABS with Kapton Poyimide tape, we have found that PET tape actually adheres even better!

Especially for PetG & ABS this tape is absolutely fantastic.
We do not recommend this for PLA, please use our other painters masking tape, that one is excellent for PLA & more versatile so works even on Petg & ABS but it doesnt have a glossy finish.
For glossy finish on PLA, you can print directly on good glass / ceramic.

Please do not print PetG directly on ceramic or glass, use a surface of some sort to avoid damage to your platform.

Our tapes are stocked right here in Auckland & ready to ship all around NZ.


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Painter Paper Tape – Good quality great price now in NZ

The secret to excellent 3d printing is that the first layer of your part should stick perfectly to your bed.

But with so much confusion around what is best including hair sprays & abs slurries, what really works well?

Look no further & get a roll of this tape.

It is the most versatile 3d printing bed material & can be used with PLA, ABS, PETG, NinjaFLex, POly cArbonate, Nylon, metal fills & even Carbon fibre.

Its kept a little bit of a secret because larger companies want to sell you everything from $40 buildtaks through to specialised mats..
Its easy to discount something so cheap, but try it & you will be impressed..

This inexpensive tape will last a long time & is easy to replace.
It also helps with levelling beds when metal beds slowly start to warp.

Dont spend hundreds on fancy 3d printer build surfaces.

Approx 60mm width & 15 metres length