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  • SLA vs FDM 3D Printer part Wanhao D7 v14 new NZ

    Affordable Desktop SLA 3D Printer - Wanhao D7 PLUS

    Perfect for use in precision 3D Printing or for small minute items. Jewellery making, Dental & Orthodontic, Medical & Surgical 3D Printing. You can also make injection moulding tooling dyes for use in lower pressure injection moulding, vaccum forming etc. This allows you to prototype your part in the your target material for functional & stress testing. We are NZ based Experts in Everything 3D Printing. Buy with confidence knowing you have NZ based Support & Warranty for your 3D Printer. You can now make a 3d print of Jewelry & cast it at a foundry directly from the 3D Print! All these possibilities are now open, thanks to SLA Technology! The D7 plus supports water washable resins! This makes it extremely easy & safe to work with 3d printer models or the resin itself. The D7 plus is thus ready for use in schools, universities, or any environment where handling other chemicals is not as easy. Works with a wide range of Resins including the Wanhao products as well as third party manufacturers including Next Dent & Maker Juice. Open Source Software with FREE Calibrated Profiles supplied for Wanhao resins. No Assembly required. Practically Plug & play. Simple to install software & easy setup. The D7 plus does not require a PC connected to it during the 3d printing process. There is no need to setup wifi or deal with PC security settings on company networks. It features standalone operation via SD card making for a stable, reliable 3d print time after time. Print Area (Build size): 120mm x 68mm x 200mm height Accuracy: 0.004mm Layer height: 0.035mm - 0.1mm (35 micron to 100 microns) Resin Class: 405nm ( can work with several resins across 365-405nm wavelength once calibrated )
  • Print Big, Print HIGH & Print Fast - the DX Plus lets you print upto 520mm Tall !! With 2 high temp 400 deg C Extruders, Free Training, & Free Calibration, Creatbot DX 3D Printers are targeted to product development studios, manufacturing houses, and serious 3D Printing Professionals. These robust 3d printers are capable of delivering commercial quality results in industrial applications. All our Creatbot DX 3D Printers in New Zealand feature the advanced 400 Degree C high temp extruder. Watch out for older models that have the 250 deg Extruder version which does not support materials that need to go hotter to print reliably thus reducing the material compatibility. Please see below for full details. 3D Printing Services are Authorised Resellers for Creatbot in New Zealand. Layby & Terms Available - please Contact Us to arrange!