This is a Tri-colour filament, it literally means the filament strand is composed of 3 simultaneous colours to form the cross-section. The filament is 3-sided. Esun calls it Mystic Silk PLA, & it comes in a few colour options. Silk PLA gives true metallic shine to it without having to polish it or post-process it. With tri colour silk filament, the object gets a colour & texture you would not be able to make with any other technology, & painting it or coating it in such a way would be an outright headache. 3d printing with dual-colour & tri-colour filaments is a lot of fun, especially for art pieces, kids toys, or school projects. Its the closest we've ever come to a PLA that actually shines like a real metal without having any metal in it. The shine also hides the print layer lines to a greater extent than other colours. This is the same material as the Esun Silk metal colours - imagine multiple filament strands fused into 1.